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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 1, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the cool breeze. fog then sun and breezy. low clouds. not as strong as we saw a couple days ago but they are still there. we'll have sunshine. temperatures though 60s, 70s, or low to mid 80s. here is sal. good morning. traffic is moving along realtively well. we have a problem in oakland. we do have a car that ran into a water hydrant here as car ended up basically sitting on top of it and for awhile it was a watery mess near 77th and international. even the sign came down as you can see the live pictures in the 7700 block of international. so watch for some police activity in this area. although it does look like you can get through. it is one of the things you just may want to if you are in some sort of a time schedule you may want to give yourself an extra five minutes. also this morning we are looking at 680 southbound as you drive past mission boulevard that traffic looks nice. and in san jose along 280 northbound looks nice all the
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way to up highway 17. it's 4:30 let's go back to pam. topping our news this morning. congressional party leaders will present the debt ceiling deal reached over the weekend to their members. at this point no votes are scheduled but the senate is expected to act first and then the house. president obama announced the deal last night after a tense weekend of bargaining. >> i want to thank the american people. it's been your voices, your letters, your e-mails, your tweets, your phone calls that have compelled washington to act in the final days. and the american people's voice is a very powerful thing. >> the two -- the new debt deal has two parts. the first cuts $1 trillion in spending over the next ten years and raises the debt ceiling by $900 billion. the second phase establishes a bipartisan congressional committee to decide on further
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cuts. bay area congressional representatives say they want to read the fine print. >> i haven't seen the writing in writing the final product and as you know with these things the details are important. and againly have a discussion with my caucus. >> i have to say too often we are asked to vote on legislation where we haven't had an opportunity to read it. so i definitely want to read exactly what is in this deal. >> now the deal has to pass both the senate and the house and then be signed by the president before midnight to prevent the u.s. from defaulting on its financial obligations tomorrow. global investigators are encouraged by the announcement on the agreement of a u.s. debt limit. overnight stock markets jumped more than 1% at their opening and finished the trading day with gains. japan another big winner up one and a third. we have a developing story at this hour. police remain on the scene of a
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deadly double shooting in richmond. ktvu channel 2 reporter allie rasmus is there. what happened? >> reporter: good morning, pam. officers out here are not allowed to give us a lot of information right now. they have closed off this portion of nevns street and 8th street. this shooting happened right behind kaiser medical center. there was a shooting here in the past couple hours. officers closed off part of the scene and investigators started investigating this as a homicide because there are reports two people were shot. a man and a woman. i had a chance to speak very briefly with the family members of the woman that was shot and killed. she did live in the apartment building. they didn't know her exact age. she is 27-28 years old. they don't know how this could have happened or what lead up to the shooting. we don't know the condition of the man that was shot yet. right now you can see there is officers on the scene as
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homicide detectives arrived a short time ago and they have closed off this area and are looking for clues and evidence. but we will continue to gather more information on this. we are waiting for one of the richmond police unit who is supposed to arrive in the next hour. overnight a shooting near an oakland nightclub injured one person and this all comes in the wake of a violent weekend in oakland. ktvu kraig debro joins us from the scene where a 16-year-old was killed. >> reporter: this is in the 9300 block of sunny side. a memorial has been here since this shooting happened. the young man's name is john jackson. he's 16 years old. there is a picture of him right there. the memorial has sprung up a few feet away from where he was shot. according to family members and witnesses he was shot in this pickup truck right here.
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you can see the evidence of that shooting right here. this was the beginning of a very deadly sequence of events. according to jackson's family he had just gotten home from playing basketball. it was his father's birthday just before midnight. gets a call from a female friend. he comes outside and just a few minutes later you hear gunfire. >> he came and jordan said he was hit. i thought he was playing at first. my other grandson lifted his shirt up and saw the bullet wound and then we sat him on the sew foe and called 911. >> reporter: john was taken to the hospital where he died a short time later. then around 3:pin the -- then around 3:00 in the morning a 27- year-old woman was dropped off in a car. she also died from her gunshot wounds. and then around 3:30 the other man that was reported shot at a
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party this was on 87th near d. he was also taken to a hospital. he also died early in the morning. you are taking another look at this memorial out here for jackson. we will talk to a pastor in a half hour from now or an hour. he will tell us why he thinks the shootings are happening and what can be done to stop them. by the way that is 17 homicides in oakland from this year. last year there were 52. reporting live from oakland kraig debro. this week an iranian court is expected to decide the fate of two uc berkeley graduated charged with spying. just hours ago fox news released this new video from
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tyranny. iran claims they were on a spying mission. napa's red light cameras are up and running again this morning. the cameras have been in place for more than three years. but the city recently pulled the plug after its contract with the camera operator expired. now there is a new contract in place and the red light cameras were just turned on just about after midnight. however drivers do get a bit of a grace period. napa police won't hand out tickets for another 30 days. it will cost more to ride on ac transit bus. the basic adult fair is going up a dime to $2.10. youth and sere fares will increase by a nickel to $1.05. the ac transit board approved the increase last spring due to growing money problems. there will be more fare increases over the next few
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years. 4:37 is the time right now. let's go back over to sal. how is traffic, sal? >> it's doing okay, pam. we do have a problem that we came up with in oakland this morning. this is a look at oakland the car that you see there and by the way these are pictures here taken a little bit earlier. these are live pictures right now in oakland of 77th avenue. the car ran into a water hydrant and ran into the sign international boulevard there near 77th. so watch for slow traffic. police activity still on the scene. cars are getting through. we want to warn you it's there. 7700 block of international boulevard closest to 77th. you can still see the skid marks there. a tow truck is in place. that should be gone pretty soon as they are putting a cable up to the car. before it was a watery mess but
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it looks like they have the water hydrant capped. let's move along and look at the oakland freeway. that traffic is moving along nicely. this morning on 280 northbound the traffic there looks good getting up to highway 17 no major problems. at 4:38 let's go to steve. >> thank you. a very good morning. lots of thunderstorm activity erupting. glib some even along l.a. and then sierra, nevada. big thunderstorms up toward tahoe and truckee. just filtered through and now it has moved off. 50s and 60s on the temp. 55 santa rosa. a cool pattern. 55 concord. west, southwest our delta breeze. nothing has changed there. i don't see a lot of big changes. the moisture is so close wrapping around the high which is far to the east.
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here comes the system. as that system digs in it will push that moisture away. cloud cover should be winding down. fog for us or low clouds. sun breezy. it's cool out there. the morning lows are cool. low clouds will give way to sunshine. santa cruz coastline is waiting for the coast. everywhere else it's become in. we'll have temperature temperatures on the 60s, 70s, and 80s. for others it has been hot. very hot. i don't see much changes. a little warmer tuesday and wednesday. continuation of this pattern and we'll keep it there. >> thank you, steven. arraignment is scheduled today for the woman accused of break into the san francisco hotel room of jeopardy host alex tre beck. she faces fell any charges of first degree burglary and
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possession of stolen property. tre beck say she chased her out of the room. he rupture an akiles tendon and is now on crutches. she did serve time in prison for two previously burglaries. two men are in prison after accused of shooting a reporter with a bb gun. she was reporting on the weird weekend weather during saturday's 6:00 p.m. news when a bb gun pellet hit her in the hand. he was not hurt and made it through the live shot without mentioning what happened. there is no possible word on a possible motive. vandals target does of
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cars. also coming up cooking up a hot dog could be as dangerous as lighting a cigarette. if you are driving on international boulevard, you should be aware on the 7700 block there is police activity. we'll tell you what happened and what it's doing to traffic.
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good morning, low clouds
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and fog moving locally inland. a little late to a party on the santa cruz coast. they are working their way closer. it looks like 60s 70s and 80s. over the weekend congressional leaders came up with an 11th hour deal to raise the u.s. debt limit. this morning party leaders are meeting with their caucuses to review the proposal. later today both the senate and house are expected to vote on the plan. now until the debt ceiling plan passes, both the house and congress there is still concern. there are dire warnings about what would happen if the u.s. defaults on its debt. one of the biggest impacts increased interest rates on mortgages. people here in the bay area that work in real estate say that is the last thing they need especially when they are finally starting to see a turn around in the housing market. >> it has been so low in combination of house prices being so low. there is a lot of great opportunities out there. this will stall the economy even further.
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>> congress and the president have until midnight tonight to get the debt deal passed and sign the. the biggest bank in europe is eliminating as many as 30,000 jobs from the work force in the next two years. that is double than the number of jobs expected. those layoff comes after the bank cut 5,000 jobs last year. they also plan to sell nearly 200 of its branches in up state new york. the move is all part of a cost reduction plan. a plan accused of a hit and run rampage that injured four bicyclists in san francisco is set to made a court appearance today. the incident happened last year. police say 39-year-old david mark clark of albany purposely hit bicyclists at four different locations with his suv. he faces several charges including attempted murder. this morning santa cruz police are stepping up patrols
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after 50 cars were vandalize and they say they suspect they could be charged with a hate crime. police say at least six of the 50 cars had swastikas painted on them. most of the cars vandalized were in the area around elmer avenue. it happened between 11:00 p.m. on friday and 1:00 a.m. on friday. some evidence was collected at the scene including a broken knife blade but police have no suspects. police hope the public can help them stop a spade of burglaries in belmont. two homes were hit this week. the thieves swiped a bike, cash, and snatched keys off of family room table. this pair of burglars brings the total number of break ins to nine in the past week. police are looking for two people of interest who may be driving a gray bmw. emergency workers at a north bay water treatment plant are still working to determine
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how much has house material leaked into nearby soil. on saturday 11,000 gallons of a high concentration bleach and chlorine mixture leaked from the water treatment plant. hazardous materials crew were able to contain the spill. they say it did not get into a nearby creek or water supply. this 1988 polaroid is part of a newly released document that shows an old problem at the pg&e pipeline. it shows repair work being done on a leaking pipeline located just nine miles from the line that exploded in san bruno. in may an e-mail to the national transportation safety board said that 1988 leak occurred along a weld. an early report by the ntsb concludes. the fbi is following -- i'm
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welcome back to the morning news. the fbi is following is a promising lead in the 1971 hijacking case of a passenger jet over washington state. the fate of the hijacker remains a mystery 40 years later. he parachuted from the flight with $200,000 in ran some. an item belonging to the unidentified man has been sent to lab for testing. well eating a hot dog can be as dangerous a smoking a cigarette. that is the warning from a national medical group. the physicians committee for
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responsible medicine unvailed this billboard in indianapolis which reads warning hot dogs can wreck your health. now the group wants people to know the health risks they believe are associated with eating processed meats. it sites a 2010 study eating processed meats raises a chance of prostate cancer. the third time was the charm for a san francisco marathon winner. that is 37-year-old michael wardean of virginia. he came in second twice before. his wife urged him to skip the race after he came down with a bad case of food poisoning. emilyfield of los angeles won the women's competition. for most of the runners taking part in the marathon the goal was just to finish and survive. switching from human to
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horsepower. thousands of drag racing fans filled their need for speed in sonoma county. for those not familiar with the sport it is packed with heart pumping excitement. races last less than five seconds with vehicles topping out at 320 miles an hour. it's the 24th year of the event and it is the second most popular at infineon raceway. >> i remember a little bit when i was younger. i wanted to experience it as an adult. >> if you have never been to a race especially here, it's an adrenaline rush. the vibration and the noise yeah had to see. >> organizers say the annual drag races generate millions of dollars to the local economy. it's 4:53. sal struggling a bit this morning with my voice. >> i know. i have noticed. i hope you feel better. i will give you some time. steve andly do traffic and -- and i will do traffic now.
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golden gate bridge southbound that traffic looks nice coming down to the toll plaza. the fog is not as deep as it has been. now it doesn't mean there won't be clouds. i will let steve explain that. we can see better than we normally can. 101 we haven't been able to see that at this time of the morning last week we didn't see it much at all. this morning we can see it northbound 101 looks good approaching the 80 split. this morning in san jose there is northbound 280 that traffic is moving nicely getting up to highway 17. no major issues here. no problems on 17 coming in from the santa cruz mountains over the hill and down to the santa clara valley. at 4:54 let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. good morning, happy monday. we start off with low clouds. last week we had to deal sometimes with that fog. there is still pockets of it. maybe mist and drizzle closer to the coast. low clouds. you are far enough away it's clear and cool. no doubt about that. fog, sun and breezy by noon.
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afternoon sunny and breezy. it was close on that tropical moisture. look at that. just wrapping back around. look at the southern california. sanway keen valley. if that high pressure system zigged instead of zagged we would have picked up on some of that. close though. very close. 50s and 60s. low 60s san jose. fog there. i was looking at the web camera from the good folks a the the meteorology department at san jose state. it's more fog there than here where there is low cloud deck. fog is missing out on the santa cruz coastline but it will fill in. can't lose that sea breeze. temperatures will not change much. this system moving in pretty decent for first week in august. it will settle in. and that will keep us really as
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we say stratus quo. low clouds and sun. it's either cool, mild, warm not that hot unless you are far inland. before i get sacramento. sacramento had 14 days below 90 in july which is the coolest july since 1987. so for sacramento to be cool tells us we have to be cool as well. we have. a little warmer tuesday and wednesday. a continuation of this pattern into the weekend. to a struggling pam. are you okay? >> i'm okay. after 32 years cal skate in milpitas has closed its doors. last night they took their final spin around the rink. the garcia family has coming to cal skate for most of their lives and they say this is where they learned to skate. many made life-long friends and spent most of their childhood. >> this is what kept us safe
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out of drugs out of trouble and we were here all the time. >> owner chris jermaine and brother have run the rank for the last 30 years. she says it has been difficult to maintain and recently made the decision to shut down. the line for last nights final skate by the way stretched out the door and around the building. all the money raised last night will go to benefit schools in milpitas. we're continuing to follow developing news from richmond this morning. a double shooting overnight. we will go back to the scene for an update open the investigation that is -- update for the investigation that is under way.
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two people were shot in richmond. we're at the scene where it happened. coming up we'll have a live report. oakland police have very little information about a hit and run this morning. we'll explain the unusual situation. plus a new bay area connection to the deadly terrorist attacks in norway. and it's the debt deal everyone has been waiting for. the compromise averting a nation-wide default. it's all amade on th


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